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Organizational Tips

At Five Star Closet Company we are your organization headquarters. The page that follows will provide you with some helpful organizational tips that are designed to make your closet virtually clutter free. If you have any questions or would like assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact our Five Star Closet Company at 916-534-3172. Or feel free to email us.

De-clutter Your Clothes By Category

A fast way to de-clutter your clothes is to organize them by their type. For example, separate pants, dresses, tops, outerwear, accessories and undergarments into their own pile. This will make your "inventory" process much easier. In addition, make a commitment to only keep the clothes you know you love and wear consistently. Also, don't forget to make a "donation" pile. This gives you an opportunity to provide for someone that needs an item more than you.

Empty & Clean Your Closet

Once you have made separate "Donation" and "Keep" piles for your belongings, "Spring Clean" your closet and remove anything else still lingering inside it. Once everything is gone, give your closet a proper deep-clean, including vacuuming the carpet, wiping down the shelves and scrubbing any scuff marks or dirt off the walls.

Design Your Dream Closet

Whether you actually have a closet or not, you can really be quite creative with your space. Take a moment to take note of your closet's best features. You may have tons of vertical storage even built-in shelving, or several hanging rods. Use these features to your advantage.

What can you do with hard-to-reach upper shelves? Or even lack of shelving altogether? Here are some ideas. What about one of those hanging shoe organizers to store t-shirts? How about a large plastic bin to store beach clothes, bathing suits or hats? The possibilities are endless!

Hang Delicates & Formals On Separate Colored Hangers

Be sure to hang everything facing the same direction, with longer items on the left and shorter items on the right so the bottom of your clothes creates an upward sloping line.

Ever go looking for that perfect black shirt and you just can't find it? Consider color coding your closet and that black shirt will always be where is supposed to be.

Scarves, Scarves & More Scarves

Instead of stuffing your scars in a drawer, try hanging them on a hanger. This will keep them wrinkle-free, easy to see and more likely you will use them more often.

Use Coordinating Hangers

Nothing is worse than the chaos of wire hangers and multiple colored plastic hangers. Pick a color and stick to it!

Roll T-Shirts, Pajamas, & Workout Clothes Into Storage Boxes

Items such as cotton shirts, leggings and polyester shorts tend to be thin and pliable, which makes them perfect for "rolling and tucking". They can then be tucked into shoe boxes and slid into drawers.

Be Sure To Store The Items You Where Most At Eye Level

For the items you wear on a regular basis, keep them in the middle of the closet and at eye level so that they are easy to find during your early morning rush.

Maximize Your Vertical Storage Space

Try hanging an over-the-door shoe rack over your door sideways on the tension rod. The extra wall space can be utilized to install DIY shelves that hold jewelry boxes or handbags.

Store Your Clothes By Category

This tip may seem obvious, but it makes all the difference when you want something fast!

Belts should be with belts. Dresses should be with dresses, even consider hanging them by the season. When you are in a hurry to get to the gym, that's not the time to sort through pajamas looking for gym clothes.

Use Drawer dividers For Your Personals

Drawer dividers are your friend when you are getting dressed and even to know exactly when you need to do laundry. To maximize this space roll your socks, tights, underwear, and belts. This will make an easy to see when you are in a hurry.

Utilize Empty Wall Space For Jewelry & Accessories

Think of this area as your own personal boutique. This space can be used to hang accessories such as belts jury hats or ties.

All of us at Five Star Closet Company consider ourselves the organization experts. Below we have also included some additional organization tips that will turn your closet from mass chaos to simplicity before you know it.

Twelve Months No Wear? Say Farewell!

If you haven't worn something in a year or more, you don't need it. If you are troubled with this idea, put the item aside and look at it again in 24 hours. However, be honest with yourself. "When was the last time you wore it?"

Don't Be An Underwear Hoarder

Narrow down your underwear to a favorite 12-14 pairs. When a pair starts to get old, toss it out and replace it.

See Your Shoes

Throw away cardboard shoe boxes. You can't see what is in them. Consider investing in the clear shoe boxes that can be found at any discount store; e.g. Walmart, Target, etc.

Save Your Closet For Ready-To-Wear

Separate clothing that needs to be fixed - missing buttons, stuck zippers, hemline taken up is in good condition.

Don't Hide Your Purses

Place purses on shelves you can easily see them.

Keep Moths Away

Lavender sachets tied to hangers are the best way to keep closets moth-free and the scent is nice for clothes and for calming in the morning rush.

Sell Or Donate!

Sort out clothes you never wear or don't fit.

If you have any questions or would like assistance in any way, please contact us at 916-534-3172. Or feel free to email us.

Thank you for your interest in our company! We look forward to hearing from you soon!